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Athlete Praises Skilled Care and Quick Recovery at Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute

An avid skier and runner, Marc Wolin was more surprised than anyone that he needed to undergo cardiac surgery at Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute. He even joked with his physicians that they had the wrong guy while being prepped for valve repair surgery in late December 2022. “I’ve been athletic my whole life,” said Marc. “I’m part of a Friday morning running crew and I’ve participated in the Spring Lake five-mile run 17 times.” But the 59-year-old Bridgewater, New Jersey, resident knew something was off when he noticed his heart rate starting to rise each day for about two weeks. When he was lying in bed and could feel his heart beating rapidly, he had to find answers quickly.  

Marc immediately went to his cardiologist, where an EKG revealed a mitral valve prolapse, which meant Marc’s valve wasn’t closing fully, causing the leakage of blood back into the heart and a faster heartbeat.

“My cardiologist said you need to get this taken care of soon and referred me to Dr. John Brown at Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute,” said Marc. “I feel fortunate. I am fortunate that my cardiologist quickly diagnosed my condition, fortunate to have had Dr. Brown’s expert medical care, fortunate that they took me immediately for surgery and fortunate to be on the road to recovery.”

During his stay at the hospital, the compassionate care from the hospital’s physicians, nurses and team members made a significant impression on Marc. “When they prepped me the night before for surgery in the morning, I joked that I could use a drink,” he said. “Next thing I know, a nurse appears in my room with a mocktail of ginger ale and grape juice. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. I texted my wife a photo of the mocktail and we enjoyed a good laugh.”

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