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The Summit Foundation Gives $10,000 Grant to Support Families Affected by Autism

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The Summit Foundation recently made a $10,000 grant to support funding for an innovative Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Family Training Program, which is a part of the Child Development and Autism Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital. The grant will fund the expenses of training five families of children with autism in the principles of ABA therapy. Parents will learn these essential skills at the Center and be taught how to generalize and teach those skills in the home setting.

The Family Training Program, based on the Cleveland Clinic’s proven model in advancing children’s skills with autism, is for families whose insurance will not cover the expense of having their child receive ABA therapy in a hospital setting and cannot afford it independently. To see the maximum benefit, it is recommended that a child receive up to 40 hours of ABA therapy each week, making it time-consuming and expensive.

 “We are committed to helping children from wherever they are and take great pride in addressing both the child and the family’s needs,” Kelly A. May, PhD, BCBA-D at the Child Development and Autism Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, said. “Now more than ever – in light of the ongoing pandemic and the new world we are living in – we need to help children and their families with learning how to attend classes/therapies virtually, adapt to ongoing schedule/routine changes, and how to foster interactions with the people around them with the social distancing restrictions in place. Watching children with autism acquire new skills and families become more independent in teaching new skills to their children with autism is indeed a memorable moment.”

The Summit Foundation has pledged to make a difference in its neighbors’ lives and sees helping children with autism learn how to master a social interaction well, respect another’s personal space and fine-tune listening skills (all possible ABA therapy goals) as an investment in its community’s future.

For more information on the ABA Family Training Program, which has a $50,000 goal, or to learn about other ongoing needs at the Child Development and Autism Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, please contact Gerri Kling at 973-593-2414 or email

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