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Amid Pandemic, High School Students Resolute in Fight of Pediatric Cancers

Students from Roxbury High School

In late May, hundreds of students at Roxbury High School literally stood up for Goryeb Children’s Hospital patients battling pediatric cancers. Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, for the second consecutive year, Rox-THON, which is both a club and an event, made Goryeb Children’s Hospital a beneficiary and donated more than $14,000. Goryeb Children’s Hospital Good Neighbor Fund will receive $9,000 and the balance will be directed to fund activities led by Child Life specialists at the Valerie Fund Children’s Center. In 2020, Rox-THON raised $26,000 for the expansion of the Valerie Fund Children’s Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital and supported the purchase of gift cards and bereavement kits for families. 

In an organizational press release, Rox-THON President Ileana Gonzalez said, “The impact this organization has had in both our community and in the lives of so many children have been the most inspiring and life-changing experience for me. As a senior, this very impact is the reason I believe it is so important to support Rox-THON and donate to our cause.” 

Rox-Thon 2022 Fundraising

Rox-THON, which is planned for March 11, 2022, has made Goryeb Children’s Hospital its beneficiary once again. Community members interested in donating should visit the Rox-THON website.

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