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Darrin Charitable Trust Grant Enhances Safety in Sameth Emergency Department

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust sought out impactful ways to improve the lives of patients battling the disease.  A need was quickly identified, and through a $235,000 grant, the Morristown Medical Center Sameth Emergency Department was able to upgrade 11 exam rooms into negative-pressure rooms, which protect against the spread of airborne infections. These upgrades mean that the Sameth Emergency Department now has a full unit, or 15 rooms, equipped with this highly specialized technology.

“COVID-19 patients require airborne isolation in a negative pressure room to ensure maximum safety for both themselves as well as our front-line caregivers who are in contact with them,” Patty Primmer, BSN, director of Emergency Services at the Sameth Emergency Department, said.

WestChiller Plant ER Red Zone Negative

A negative pressure room looks like a regular exam room. The difference is the air circulating throughout the space is contained and not released into the hospital’s general air circulation. The Darrin Trust grant provided the primary resources to build separate exhaust systems, which remove 99.97 percent of the contaminants.

“COVID patients will continue to require testing and treatment as the year progresses,” Primmer said. Primmer went on to explain it will be helpful to have these rooms available not just for COVID patients but for anyone battling viral infections. “We know after COVID we will be dealing with other viral strains and the rooms will continue to keep both patients and practitioners safe,” Primmer added.

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