Elaine Andrecovich: Investing in the Future

Manhattan public relations agencies have a tempo compatible with their location, being smack dab in the middle of a city that never sleeps. No one knows this better than the hospital’s Public Relations Manager Elaine Andrecovich, who jumped from there to here in the spring of 2015 and hasn’t missed a beat since.

Though she says her life feels much slower than before, Ms. Andrecovich is busy with PR duties by day and hospital events by night. When she became one of the youngest Brookfield Legacy Society members by including the hospital in her will, she was tapped to sit on the Society’s Advisory Council.
“Financial generosity toward organizations that are important to me is in my blood,” says the Bedminster resident. “I grew up seeing my grandmother and other members of my family always acting in a benevolent way toward causes they believed in.”

Ms. Andrecovich firmly believes in the institution she now works for and invests in.

Each story she pens of patient victories because of new technologies or grant-funded programs fits seamlessly into this larger vision she enjoys being a part of.

“I love being able to see the money go full circle and benefit our patients,” she says.

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