Donor Stories

When you are able to relax people, you improve their capacity to heal faster.
Joan Millspaugh
Dr. Parr is a great mentor and inspiration to me. He was the quarterback of our heart team when he launched the program in 1988 and, 27 years later, he continues to play a pivotal role.
Members of AICD
She told us we were in her prayers every day. It gave us hope when we were terrified.
Bob and Marcia Iovino
My hope is that other people who experience what Ruth and I did will be helped by this program.
Donor Ed Hennessy
There is a long understanding of how certain toys can benefit particular needs such as building dexterity or spatial awareness.
Tara Gleeson, DNP, APN
Manager of the Child Development and Autism Center
It was important for my father to give people a helping hand when they felt their world caving in around them
J. Peter Simon
My colleagues immediately knew it was a serious problem when I stopped talking in the middle of a presentation and laid my head down on the conference room desk.
Michelle Bychowsky
I personally and professionally benefitted from this institution and thought it was the right thing to do.
Maureen Colon
Creating a medical home through the sharing of expertise and services for children who suffer with complex issues is what this hospital does best. These centers of excellence that Goryeb has built for children are, no doubt, the best in New Jersey.
Catherine Mazzola, MD
My experience with cancer totally changed me as a person and a father. I want to give back by becoming an advocate for others going through what I did.
Bryan Gregg
I like to know there’s a first-rate medical facility available if they need it.
Honorary Trustee Barbara Luciano
I couldn’t help but form a lasting impression of the nurses and doctors and their many acts of kindness during what was a very difficult time.
Ed Reid
The most effective way to treat a child is to treat the whole child in a facility close to home.
Barry Kirschner
Executive Director of the Valerie Fund
I love being able to see the money go full circle and benefit our patients.
Donor Elaine Andrecovich
Patients and their families have raved about their care at Morristown for as far back as I can remember.
Donor Boomer Esiason
As a part of this community for more than 20 years, we want to see the hospital thrive.
Donor Lawrence Irene
I wanted to lift our son Darren’s spirits and show him how much his sister is loved. 
Donor Roxanne Sattar-Mayrowetz
It’s easy for our kids to attach themselves to causes that involve helping other kids.
Brian Palumbo
Assistant Principal, Whippany Park High School
It was terrible, but lying there is when I realized I wanted to raise money that would help other kids have distractions when they were in the hospital.
Zach Rice
Volunteer and former patient

Patient Stories

We rode up the elevator and quietly entered the unit, and much to my surprise we were greeted by a group of smiling and welcoming nurses who gathered to make us comfortable. I can't tell you how good that made me feel.
Parent Lorie S. McDonald
This grant meant the world to us, It made my family feel like, even though we have to go through tough times right now, we’ll be OK.
Parent Milly Williams
They held my hand, wiped my tears and told both my husband and me that we were in great hands and that I was going to be OK
Patient Jodi Joskowitz
I was finishing my shift on the ice and came back to the bench not feeling so well. The next thing I know I’m on my back with a stunned group of guys standing around me.
Patient Vin Godleski
It is an amazing place. The ambience is very relaxing and much different than going to a doctor’s office.
Parent Maria Soubra
I had assembled a world-class Garden State medical and IM team all under one roof at the Simon Cancer Center. They saved my life.  And they all hugged me to boot!
Pauline Yannece
He told me my name was familiar to him, because he had recently been discussing my case. I was absolutely taken aback.
Deborah Miele
We focus on the small things that make life joyful.
Julia Bromwell, MD
When the doctors and nurses at the clinic heard the news they rushed out into the waiting room and hugged me and twirled me around.
Delores and David Ali
Tara can single-handedly be credited for getting us on the right path. She understood the value of getting the right intervention as quickly as possible.
Seth and Lisa Finkelstein
Parents Seth and Lisa Finkelstein
Not only was everyone incredibly professional, but they knew what was wrong and gave us the correct diagnosis.
Parent Steve Kinsey
There was no in-between. My condition went downhill really fast.
Patient Jon Antal
They even taught him how to get out of a chair without using his arms. It was the icing on the cake.
Wife Linda Schletter

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