We are honored to have patients who are willing to tell their stories. Please contact Regi Diverio, director of communications and donor relations, at 973-593-2428 or regi.diverio@atlantichealth.org, if you have a story to tell.

Henry’s Story

Last week l found myself in the [Overlook] emergency department, my 11-month old son lying motionless between my legs and struggling to breathe as nurses and doctors flooded the room to stabilize him, start lV lines and suction him. Honestly, it is hard for me to write this without crying. I suppose because in that moment my adrenaline kicked in and all of my fear and terror was pushed down... Read more

Jordan’s Story

When Robert Williams thinks about his 8-year-old daughter, Jordan, he can’t come up with only one word to describe her. At best, he can narrow it to three—resilient, blessed and amazing.

Jordan seems like a typical carefree second grader except that she is fighting leukemia... Read more

Jodi’s Story

When Jodi Joskowitz first felt a lump on her chest only two months after her annual mammogram, she thought it wasn’t real: “I felt like I was in some quirky Seinfeld episode and even joked to my gynecologist that I must be growing a third nipple.”

But she certainly wasn’t laughing a week later when the diagnosis came back as breast cancer... Read more

Vin’s Story

Vin Godleski was playing ice hockey with his friends just like he had regularly for the last 70-plus years.

“I was finishing my shift on the ice and came back to the bench not feeling so well,” says the 79-year-old. “ The next thing I know I’m on my back with a stunned group of guys standing around me.” Read more

Katia’s Story

Visit any sandbox at recess and shout outs of mine and give me are second nature for most 2-year-olds, especially when toys are around. Not so for 3-year-old Katia Soubra who struggled with understanding these simple commands until recently, thanks to an early intervention team and services at the Child Development and Autism Center.

Katia’s autistic features were discovered shortly after her 18-month check-up. Early diagnosis played a large role in getting her on the right track. Read more

Pauline’s Story

They say that our true colors often come out during trying times. For Pauline Yannece, who was born and bred in New York, her fighting spirit showed up at exactly the right moment. Moreover, it delivered a one-two punch to the breast cancer detected in her body during the winter of 2013.

When Ms. Yannece first heard of her cancer diagnosis, she immediately reacted: “I can’t die. I have a son.”

Partly because of her attitude and partly because of the treatment she received at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, Mrs. Yannece is now cancer free. Read more

Deborah’s Story

Doing simple household chores and even walking up a flight of stairs was beginning to take a toll on Deborah Miele.
“‘I didn’t think much about it and just chalked it up to being overweight and getting old,” says Mrs. Miele.

But then a cardiologist dropped the news she never wanted to hear: the unexpected diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

After her first visit to a specialist in New York, she left stunned with four words echoing in her mind: morbid obesity and sudden death. Read more

Julia’s Story

As a single mom with teenage triplets and her own pediatric practice, Julia Bramwell, MD, was on task from morning until night. She also allotted extra time to help her wheelchair-bound son, Phillip, who was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

In 2013, the mother of three was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leading to months of chemotherapy and the closing of her practice. Paralleling her medical crisis, Phillip underwent spinal fusion surgery.  Read more

Delores' Story

Delores Ali and her husband, David, were both employed in the late '90s but neither job gave them the benefit of health insurance. Desperately wanting to start a family, Delores found herself at the Women's Health Clinic trying to alleviate her diagnosis of endometriosis, before becoming pregnant.

"I had three surgeries at the clinic for my endometriosis and then was put on medication," says Mrs. Ali. "I started having seizures and my case became much more complicated. Through it all, the staff and nurses and doctors at the clinic were all so wonderful to me." Read more

James' Story

Some parents still wait until delivery day to find out if their baby is a boy or a girl as did Seth and Lisa Finkelstein with the birth of their firstborn son, James.

"My husband loves surprises," says Mrs. Finkelstein. What they did not anticipate were the surprises in James' behavior when he began acting differently than other children his age.

At his first birthday party, Mrs. Finkelstein started noticing things were not quite right with her son. Read more

Shane's Story

Most of us will only read about what it’s like to compete in a triathlon. Some may hear a blow-by-blow account from a family member or friend who practiced for months to check this item off his or her bucket list.

Shane Arters has another story. Over the last 28 years, Mr. Arters has competed in more than 200 triathlons and multi-sport events, which made his diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Miller Fisher variant) in 2011 almost unbearable for him to accept. Read more

Amanda's Story

In April 2013, Mt. Arlington resident Amanda Grimes had many things to be grateful for: she was studying to be a nurse; her son, Jake, had just turned five; and she was going on a much-anticipated family cruise.

"It was Jakey's fifth birthday and also his last treatment of chemotherapy, which he took while on the cruise," says the 34-year-old mother of one. "We all did a shot of juice together while he swallowed his last dose of medicine. It was a way to celebrate this big milestone as a family." Read more

Ronan's Story

It was her third pregnancy, and 39-year-old Jennifer Kluckas sailed through the nine months to full-term, delivering 8-pound-4-ounce Ronan Christopher on January 25, 2012. Older brothers Garrett (4) and Emery (2) were excited to have a new brother.

After arriving home, though, Ronan became congested. His condition deteriorated, prompting Mrs. Kluckas and her husband, Christopher, to call their pediatrician late one night. After describing the symptoms to the nurse on call, they were told not to be overly concerned. Read more

Steve's Story

Steve Hodosko can look back and marvel at his military career as a Navy SEAL with stints in Panama and other top secret locations around the globe. He also spent eight months serving in Vietnam.

"I was never injured in Vietnam," says the 70-year-old Vernon resident. "But in the last several years, believe it or not, I have fallen at home a few times and hurt myself pretty bad." Read more

Jane's Story

Dynamo is one word that sums up the personality of 65-year-old Jane MacNeil. She has been a full-time REALTOR® for 20 years, bustling around several towns in the area, showing homes, attending closings, and scheduling inspections.

Even through the stressful ordeal of undergoing several procedures within a few weeks, Ms. MacNeil couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of ease with the entire staff at Gagnon. Read more

Joey's Story

It was January 2, 2012, the time of year when fresh starts are plentiful, but Joe and Jill Schmidt just wanted their baby boy to wake up.

“I felt so helpless when it came to my son,” says Mrs. Schmidt. “This is something I would never want to experience again, but if it meant I could have my son I would go through it all over again.” Read more

Bryce's Story

When Karen Rosen visited her OB/GYN for a 12-week pregnancy ultrasound, she received unexpected news that marked the beginning of a harrowing medical journey. “The doctor saw another heart beat – twins,” says Mrs. Rosen. “My husband was there, holding our 6-month-old daughter; I nearly jumped off the table.”  Read more

Lucas's Story

It was late summer and Jamie Tosh was enjoying her days as a new mom. Her son Lucas and daughter Brinlee were just seven and a half months old. She had noticed that her infant twins had a lingering cold. When it persisted for more than three days, she decided to take them to the doctor. Immediately their pediatrician noticed something amiss with Lucas. His head seemed too big.  Read more

Quinn's Story

In the summer of 2010, Chatham resident Quinn Lamm loved to twirl in dress-up clothes and high heels. With light blonde hair and bright blue eyes, this vivacious three-year-old was – in the eyes of parents Megan and Geoff Lamm – a princess come to life. Quinn talked often of Mary Poppins and loved the theater. But by late August, Quinn also talked of a hurt in her head. Read more

Jack's Story

On March 30, 2011, my son Jack fell out of a second story window of our home onto the driveway below. He suffered a traumatic brain injury with multiple skull fractures and bleeds in his brain. ...The next thing I knew, my 5-year-old, Sabrina, was in front of me with her eyes wide screaming, “Mom! Jack fell out the window!”  Read more

Steve's Story

New York Jets punter Steve Weatherford knows all too well what it feels like to have a racing heart. Last year, after warm ups at the first playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Mr. Weatherford’s heart rate skyrocketed...." Read more

Richard's Story

Seventy-year-old Richard Pascocello’s memory is sketchy regarding Oct. 12, 2009 – the fateful day he fell 10 feet from the roof of his Newton trailer. He still has no idea why he climbed up there. He has been told that the police, alerted by his Lifeline®, found him barely conscious. Read more

Dan’s Story

Webster “Dan” Todd felt fine, but the results of his echocardiogram were so poor that his primary care doctor asked the name of his undertaker. Read more  

Cathy’s Story

After visiting Morristown Memorial’s Emergency Department, Cathy Sutcliffe learned that her sudden, excruciating stomach pains stemmed from stage four ovarian cancer. “Am I a goner?” she asked. Read more

Jon’s Story 

Last summer at the Jersey shore, 7-year-old Jon Pignataro complained of “head pains.” An MRI at a local hospital showed nothing, but his mom, Lisa, wasn’t satisfied and with good reason: a high-definition scan at Morristown Memorial showed an abnormality even a parent could identify. Read more

Helen’s Story

It was still pitch-black that early morning in July when 90-year-old Margaret “Helen” Connell switched off the bathroom light and, instead of turning right to her bedroom, took a left into darkness and tumbled down the stairs. Read more

Bryan’s Story

Bryan Plotts was admitted to Morristown Memorial for a supposed one-hour outpatient surgery to remove a cyst on his thigh from an old football injury, but then  “a lot went wrong with my body …” Read more

The Rubinstein Story

After Mrs. Rubinstein went into preterm labor and spent six long weeks on bed rest, Andrew and Alexis were born at 28 weeks, each weighing less than 3 lbs. "The floor fell out from under us..." Read more