Practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu is more than a job for Joan Millspaugh; it’s a way of life. It’s also the major reason she and her husband, Sandy, recently established a $50,000 endowment for the Inpatient Integrative Medicine (IM) program at Morristown Medical Center.
Mrs. Millspaugh didn’t discover her passion for this kind of energy medicine until middle age, taking her first class at age 50.
“At 50, you have another life to look forward to,” says Mrs. Millspaugh. “My children were grown up and out of the house, and I said to myself, what’s next?”
The couple hopes their gift will spur others to give and ensure Jin Shin Jyutsu and other IM modalities are available throughout the hospital for years to come.
“When you are able to relax people, you improve their capacity to heal faster,” says Mrs. Millspaugh, who worked as a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner in various areas of the hospital for years.
Comforting patients with a variety of conditions, Mrs. Millspaugh uses only her hands to bring marked relief and healing. She describes the discipline as balancing a person’s energy, working along with his or her pulse to release tensions in the body.
Now in private practice, she sees clients in her Morristown and Bedminster offices where she comforts many with this non-invasive form of energy medicine: “Everyone has experienced suffering, and this modality can alleviate both physical and emotional pain, which gets blocked and causes illness.”