Patients and their families often tell us they never expected to receive such tender, loving care during their medical center stay. Whether it’s our administrative and medical teams, our custodial staff or our volunteers, people at Morristown Medical Center show in their actions that they believe caring hearts are the best medicine. The caregivers below are just a sample of this nurturing force in action.

If there is a caregiver that made your visit a more pleasant one, click here to find out about our Healing Hands Award.

Gloria Chappelle, RN: A Life Well Chosen

For more than 40 years, Gloria Chappelle, RN, has given her patients that added boost of encouragement to help them through their day.

"It is an honor to care for others during their deepest time of need," says Ms. Chappelle. "I believe that under our skin, we are all alike. There is something within every one of us that clings to words of hope when we are suffering. I love being able to tell people they can do it." Read more

Brandee Fetherman, MSN, RN, CCRN: The Art and Science of Nursing                          

Thirty-seven-year-old Brandee Fetherman, MSN, RN, CCRN, can go back 30 years and remember walking the corridors of another bustling hospital. Her grandmother Anne Vitetta, a lifelong volunteer at a Westchester, NY, community hospital, dominates these memories along with the lessons learned by Mrs. Fetherman. As a young girl she witnessed firsthand, on these outings with her grandmother, the measure of grace needed to live out the calling of a nurse. Read more

Susan Boyle, RN: Life (and Death) in the ED

When Atlantic Health challenged its caregivers to craft an essay on how their departments support a culture of healing, Susan Boyle, RN, responded on behalf of the Emergency Department team. Candid and moving, her words are all the more powerful when you consider that the ED staff has been tending to 80,000 visitors a year in a space built for 50,000. Read more

Gaines Mimms, MD: Doctor, Mentor, Donor

You could say that Gaines Mimms’ destiny was set at birth – or soon thereafter. His dad, an attorney, gave him only two choices for his career: practice medicine or become a lawyer. Read more

Jeanne Jaeckle: Volunteer Extraordinaire

It has all the trappings of a fabulous party: a piano player with impromptu singers joining in, clusters of conversation at round tables and a generous sampling of delicacies for the crowd milling about. At the center of the action is Jeanne Jaeckle, making sure everyone is comfortable. But the people she’s greeting are not guests; they’re patients. Read more

Mary Ann LoFrumento, MD: Pediatric Hat-Tricks and More

There’s no such thing as a typical day at Morristown Memorial for Mary Ann LoFrumento, MD. One moment she’s examining babies in the newborn nursery and the next she’s editing clips for a video on Goryeb Children’s Hospital. Then she’s teaching residents the fundamentals of pediatrics, but that’s before dashing off to give a fundraising tour. Read more

Jane Page: Acts of Kindness and Generosity

When the cardiac patient, an avid Jets fan, learned that two Jets starters were downstairs in the hospital lobby, he was pumped. But doctors, concerned with his fragile health, sidelined his plans to see the players. That’s when patient liaison Jane Page sprang into action. Read more